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Elite troops linked to ex-leader declare Burkina Faso coup

Burkina Faso's presidential guard declared a coup on Thursday after arresting the interim president and key government figures.

Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Zida takes over in Burkina Faso

Isaac Zida says he has taken power after a week of violent protest against President Blaise Compaore's 27-year rule .

Police mutiny spreads in Burkina Faso

A wave of popular anger spread in Burkina Faso on Thursday as police followed the army in staging a mutiny.

Burkina Faso mutiny spreads as police, students riot

A mutiny in Burkina Faso spread on Monday as police joined soldiers on a rampage in a northern town, and students staged violent protests in the west.

Burkina Faso votes in presidential election

Burkina Faso voted on Sunday in a presidential poll, which appeared to generate little enthusiasm and was expected to keep Blaise Compaore in power.

Cellphone repairmen thrive in Burkina market

Tongs in one hand, soldering iron in the other, Moumouni Tiemtore draws sparks from the carcass of a cellphone. "It's a circuit fault," he says.

Biofuels: Danger or new opportunity?

The growing promotion of environmentally-friendly biofuels is raising questions for Africa: Are such fuels a threat to food security or a golden opportunity to cut down on fossil fuel bills? About 300 experts gathered earlier this month in the capital of the non-oil producing West African nation of Burkina Faso to debate the pros and cons of biofuel generation on the continent.

Let down by ‘white gold’ Burkina eyes the real stuff

After ''white gold'' -- cotton -- failed to live up to expectations in recent years, the impoverished West African nation of Burkina Faso has turned its energy to digging for real gold. To make up for low prices on the cotton market that have hit its top export earner, Burkina Faso has relaunched its large-scale mining sector.

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