Ruth Hall

The farm workers who produce our food are the most vulnerable to hunger

When drafting policies to address this situation, it is important that the voices of the workers themselves are taken into account

South Africa is still way behind the curve on transforming land ownership

There is very little clarity as to who owns what land in South Africa. A lack of reliable data and statistics doesn't help.

ANC land policies: Talk left, walk right?

It's good election rhetoric but the main problems dogging farm redistribution are not being addressed, say Ben Cousins and Ruth Hall.

Farming problems are clear but the solutions are not

Can we create one million new jobs in agriculture as envisaged by the National Development Plan (NDP)? If so, how?

Land reform’s middle ground

When President Jacob Zuma announced his new Cabinet, he ushered in a new era for the state's apparatus charged with responding to rural poverty.

The unfinished business of land reform

Widely reported as ''the first farm expropriation'', the Commission on the Restitution of Land Rights recently announced that it had expropriated a 25 200ha farm near Barkley West in the Northern Cape to settle a restitution claim by 471 families. The expropriation notice came into effect on January 26 and the land is now vested with the state until it can be transferred to the claimants.

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