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Gadaffi still dreams of United States of Africa

Libyan leader Moammar Gadaffi said on Tuesday his dream of a United States of Africa was still alive.

Swiss leave Tripoli embassy after Libya stand-off

Two Swiss businessmen left the shelter of their country's embassy in Tripoli on Monday after Libyan police had surrounded the building.

Libyan police surround Swiss embassy in Tripoli

Libyan police surrounded the Swiss embassy in Tripoli on Monday after issuing a deadline for Switzerland to hand over two nationals.

Swiss businessmen to stand trial in Libya

Two Swiss businessmen prevented from leaving Libya for more than a year will be tried for tax evasion and visa irregularities, Libya said on Thursday.

Sudanese plane hijackers surrender

Hijackers of a Sudanese airliner surrendered to authorities in Libya after releasing all the passengers on Wednesday, Libya's aviation authority said.

Hijackers free Sudanese plane hostages

The hijackers of a Sudanese plane that was forced to land in Libya released all passengers on Wednesday, a Libyan aviation authority official said.

Libya’s $41-billion budget aims to share wealth

Libya's Parliament passed a -billion budget for 2008 aimed at giving Libyans a direct share in oil wealth after leader Moammar Gadaffi said economic development was too slow, state media reported on Tuesday. Many Libyans say they are still waiting to benefit from soaring oil revenues and rising foreign investment.

Gadaffi says Cabinet fails to enrich Libya, must go

Libyan leader Moammar Gadaffi urged a sweeping reform of government on Sunday, saying most of the Cabinet system should be dismantled as it had failed to manage the North Africa's country's windfall oil earnings. Gadaffi said that big projects were behind schedule and so ordinary people should themselves devise a new way of sharing out oil revenues.

Libya says ‘no exceptions’ in migrant expulsions

Libya will make no exceptions in its drive to expel illegal immigrants and any recruitment of foreign labour in future must be done through legal channels, an official said on Sunday. The oil-rich North African country said on Wednesday it had started deporting illegal immigrants, a community of up to two million, mostly men from poor African states.

Libya lifts death sentences on medics in HIV case

Libya lifted death sentences on Tuesday against five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor convicted of deliberately infecting children with HIV, paving the way for them to be freed after eight years in jail. The ruling, following a payment of -million each to 460 HIV victims' families, fell short of freeing the medics.

Libya pays funds to HIV families in medics case

Libya has paid funds to more than half the families of Libyan children with HIV under a deal that could free six foreign medics condemned to death for infecting them, a spokesperson for the families said on Tuesday. The financial settlement may bring to a close the eight-year legal case surrounding the medics and the children.

Libya court upholds sentence on medics

Libya's Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld death sentences on five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor for deliberately infecting hundreds of Libyan children with HIV, a judge said. ''The court rejects the appeals of the defendants and confirms the death penalty,'' judge Fathi Dhan told a five-minute hearing.

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