Savo Heleta

Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill contradicts the constitution

The draft Bill proposes to shield academics and scholars who propagate racist and bigoted ideas

Academics must reach out to the public

By sharing their ideas and knowledge, they can change the world. What’s holding them back?

Xenophobia and party politics in South Africa

All political parties in SA try to mobilise voters based on their and voters' xenophobia and they're outdoing each other

Are foreigners stealing your jobs and healthcare? Find out.

A 'foreign threat’ could be a convenient boogeyman in an election season where politicians will face questions about their failures. Or not?

Why students reject whiteness

Maslow’s hierarchy suggests that the need for – and fulfilling of – self-actualisation and esteem are behind turmoil at universities

​High fences and unworthy foreigners: Anti-poor immigration plans and rhetoric in SA

Fear-mongering and dehumanisation of the other – particularly the powerless and poor foreign other – are the order of the day in South Africa

​Coloniality persists in our universities and we must urgently decolonise

Decolonisation will take time and those capable of making it a reality are in short supply.

Why SA’s plans to militarise humanitarian work are misguided

The military's capabilities for socioeconomic development are questionable, even in its own country, yet it is expected to aid humanitarian efforts.

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