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Get the latest news … on Facebook

Facebook addicts can now not only catch up with their long-lost friends, but also stay informed of the latest news from South Africa and the world, thanks to a South African news application launched by the Mail & Guardian Online. It gives users the ability to get updates on breaking news, sport and business.

Thousands of faithful snap up first iPhones

Thousands of United States gadget fans flocked to stores on Friday to be the first buyers of Apple's iPhone, a music-playing and web-browsing device expected to shake up the mobile industry. Crowds lined up at some of Apple's outlets cheered as their doors opened at 6pm local time.

Tech lovers in frenzy over new iPhone

Hundreds of gadget fans, or their paid stand-ins, lined up on Friday to be among the first buyers of Apple's iPhone, a music- and video-playing phone that seeks to reshape the mobile industry. Just after dawn, nearly 200 people were waiting outside Apple's Fifth Avenue store in New York City for the device.

iPhone, not yet for sale, drives stock

Apple has not yet sold a single iPhone, but investors are driving up the company's shares to record highs as they bank that the combined telephone and media player will be a major hit. A slew of brokerages are raising their targets on Apple's stock to as much as -- equivalent to about 40 times its expected fiscal 2008 profit.

Amazon net loss shrinks, sales climb 21%

AMAZON.COM on Tuesday posted a smaller first-quarter net loss and beat Wall Street expectations as the online megastore's sales rose a better-than-anticipated 21%.

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