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Cisco intends 15% workforce cut and sale of factory

Cisco Systems plans to cut 15% of its staff and sell a set-top box factory as part of a plan to cut annual expenses by $1-billion.

iPad hits US store shelves

The iPad hits shelves on Saturday after months of intense buzz, giving shoppers the chance to decide whether the device is worth all the publicity.

SA web users flock to local news site

<i>News24</i>, the breaking news service in the stable, has become South Africa's first website to record more than one million unique South African visitors in a month. But is <i>News24</i>'s achievement an indicator that South Africa is more digitally developed than previously believed?

Wi-Fi reaches out to cameras, music

Suited executives, grungy teens and even some savvy grannies are already using Wi-Fi to link their laptops wirelessly to the internet. It may not be long before the short-range high-speed technology is just as popular for those looking to connect music players, phones, cameras, game consoles and more. scoops e-commerce award

Local online retailer, a popular stop on the web for South Africans looking to buy especially CDs, books and DVDs, has been chosen as best e-commerce store of the year, for the second year in a row. The South African e-Commerce Awards is an initiative hosted by online shopping search engine Jump Shopping.

Google launches ‘first truly open’ phone platform

Google on Monday spelled out long-rumoured plans to enter the cellphone market in 2008 by building software that could help the industry make the internet run more easily on phones. The web search company is looking to expand the range of internet services it now offers through computer browsers to the far larger cellphone market.

Get the latest news … on Facebook

Facebook addicts can now not only catch up with their long-lost friends, but also stay informed of the latest news from South Africa and the world, thanks to a South African news application launched by the Mail & Guardian Online. It gives users the ability to get updates on breaking news, sport and business.

Thousands of faithful snap up first iPhones

Thousands of United States gadget fans flocked to stores on Friday to be the first buyers of Apple's iPhone, a music-playing and web-browsing device expected to shake up the mobile industry. Crowds lined up at some of Apple's outlets cheered as their doors opened at 6pm local time.

‘Hey, pick up your friggin’ phone’

You might ignore your cellphone if your ringtone is Beethoven's Fur Elise, but what if it's a gruff voice that yells ''Pick up the damn phone?'' Now that musical ringtones have become commonplace, Time Warner's Cartoon Network is planning to use the voices and personalities of its cartoon characters to alert cellphone users to incoming calls.

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