Sean Christie

Africa divided over climate-smart agriculture

Agriculture is a big issue for the Africa Group at COP17, with many African delegates sporting "No Agriculture, No Deal" badges.

Little Karoo town learns to live with permaculture

A group of 'hippies' is living the dream on what was a basket-case farm near Ladismith.

SA heavyweights keep the talks on track

SA's COP17 delegation, said to be more than 100-strong, includes key figures drawn from the private sector for the Durban mega-event.

Ministry lobbies for climate-smart agriculture programme

The agriculture minister's advisers are lobbying on her behalf to have "a single line about agriculture included in the final text from COP17.

To kill an African giant

<b>Sean Christie</b> and <b>Lisa King</b> travelled to Malawi to find out the fate of the iconic Mount Mulanji cedar.

False starts and growing pains: the fight to save the cedars

If appropriate research-based management practices are not found, the Mount Mulanje will be without its signature tree in a few years.

Agriculture running on the smell of an oil rag

Things have gone very wrong for Malawi's president and that could cripple the government's ability to deliver subsidised fertiliser and seed farmers.

History of Malawi’s Input Subsidy Programme

A short history of Malawi's maize seed and fertilizer project called Malawi's Input Subsidy Programme.

Flying high with His Excellency is enlightening

<b>Sean Christie</b> joined Zambian President Rupiah Banda on his well-funded campaign trail.

Tales of the springbok and the dragon

The Chinese interest in South Africa has resulted in policy challenges. But the true state of relations is the stuff of folktales.

Killed off by ‘kings and potentates’

Why did the SADC Tribunal have to die? Its former president tells the story of the demise of perhaps the region's most important court.

‘Bye-bye Bashir’: South Sudan celebrates

A crowd of about 100 000 gathered at the mausoleum of Sudan People's Liberation Army hero John Garang, to recognise South Sudan's independence.

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