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Trump claims victory on travel ban, but border crackdown on hold

The court ruling handed a major victory to Trump in a tortuous legal battle over the Republican leader's efforts to restrict immigration

US Supreme Court upholds Trump travel ban

The justices ruled 5-4 that the most recent version of the ban, which the administration claims is justified by national security concerns, was valid

Chinese Chengdu aspires to become next Silicon Valley

Entrepreneurs in China's south-west are dreaming of turning the city of Chengdu into the world's next Silicon Valley.

Stage set for Chinese political theatre

China's new leaders will soon reveal themselves in a piece of political theatre critics say is out of step with a fast-modernising society.

China’s newcomer wine takes gold in blind tasting

A remote region of China that began producing fine wine only a decade ago has beaten the French wine-producing region of Bordeaux in a blind tasting.

45 saved in major Chinese mine rescue

Forty-five miners trapped underground after a rock blast in a Chinese coal mine were brought to the surface on Saturday in a rare successful rescue,.

From sports cars to slums: China’s huge wealth gap

Li Fu is 29, owns five cars and has a diamond-encrusted cell phone. Wang Qingzhan is 44, works as a cleaner and lives with his family in a tiny room.

East Timor votes to heal ‘broken’ nation

Voters in East Timor cast their ballots on Monday in a presidential election they hope will pull them from a cycle of violence and political tension that has paralysed efforts to rebuild one of the world's poorest nations. It is the first poll since the former Portuguese colony declared independence in 2002.

At least 49 dead in Indonesia plane disaster

A Boeing 737-400 passenger jet burst into flames when it landed at Yogyakarta in central Indonesia on Wednesday, killing at least 49 people and leaving dozens more burnt and wounded, officials said. Witnesses said the front wheel of the Garuda Indonesia plane blew out as it touched down, sending flames shooting into the air and triggering a series of explosions.

Dutch railway in Indonesia may rise again after tsunami

A colonial-era railway that was once the lifeblood of Indonesia's Aceh could paradoxically be revived in the wake of the Indian Ocean tsunami, which obliterated the coastline of the province. Built in 1876 by the Dutch, the 600km single-gauge railway in the north of Sumatra island sank into oblivion a century later amid unrest.

Plan in place to save the world’s rarest mammal

The Javan rhinoceros is the rarest mammal in the world; just 50 of the one-horned beasts remain alive, almost all in a single Indonesian jungle. Now, to save them, scientists are preparing to divide them. Dozens of ecological experts met recently in Jakarta to agree on the old adage that you should not lay all your eggs in one basket.

Quake deaths could top 50 000

The death toll from the earthquake in southeast Iran could top 50 000, a local government official said on Tuesday, making it one of the most devastating natural disasters of modern times. The assessment came as bulldozers cleared away rubble in a race against the risks of epidemic caused by rotting corpses.
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