Shaun Tandon

Grammys: Adele wins big, Beyoncé delivers powerful speech and performance

Adele on Sunday triumphed once again at the Grammys with five awards for her latest blockbuster album of ballads.

Jarre brings politics to electonica

A pioneer of electronic music, Jean-Michel Jarre has roused crowds, yet at the root of the genre lies a political dimension, he says.

Trump can’t ‘jump around’ to Everlast’s song

What do Adele, Everlast, Neil Young and R.E.M. have in common? They've all barred Donald Trump from using their music.

Electronica booms! DJs seek voice beyond machines

Several leading electronic music artists are seeking to combat perceptions with a renewed effort to emphasise the human element behind the music.

Uncertainty over condolence messages for N Korea

Kim Jong-Il's death is raising tough questions, not only of policy but of protocol, with major world powers divided on how to offer condolences.

Suu Kyi hopeful of democratic reform in Burma

Aung San Suu Kyi has voiced guarded hope that democracy will come to Burma as the opposition leader welcomed US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Thailand battles infighting while gaining US flood relief

The US has urged flood-stricken Thailand to overcome political infighting during its crisis as it announced immediate assistance for its ally.

Rays of hope as Hurricane Irene subsides

The rain tapered off, the sun began to come out of hiding and then with a sudden ferocity, dirty sea water poured into the New York coastline.

It’s in your own interest to shape up, US tells China

The US has promised it was not seeking to halt China's rise, but nevertheless said human rights and economic reforms would serve Beijing's interests.

US to recognise South Sudan, delist North

The United States said on Monday it will recognise South Sudan as the world's newest nation as it moved to taking the north off a terrorism blacklist.

Nations set up global climate fund

Global talks on climate change on Saturday set up a new fund to manage billions of dollars in aid to poor nations.

UN talks take up ‘deep cuts’ on climate

More than 190 nations on Friday considered "deep cuts" in emissions to hold back climate change.

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