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UN chief warns world failing on climate

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned on Tuesday that the world was missing its last chance to control climate change.

Guarded hope at UN climate talks

Negotiators on climate change were raising their hopes on Monday after signs of modest progress in Mexico.

Tempers fray over WikiLeaks revelations

The United States on Wednesday faced a storm of anger from foreign governments who were scrutinised in leaked cables.

Fears grow for Jamaican civilians

Jamaican forces claimed control of a slum in an offensive to capture an alleged drug kingpin late on Wednesday, with at least 44 deaths reported.

US hopes to ride out rough patch with China

In the span of a few weeks, China has denounced the US twice after President Barack Obama met the Dalai Lama and approved an arms package to Taiwan.

Obama warns of tough road on climate

Leaders of about 100 nations met on Tuesday to breathe new life into deadlocked climate change negotiations.

Clinton takes good governance message to Nigeria

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took her campaign for good governance on Wednesday to Nigeria.

Clinton sees fresh start with South Africa

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for an alliance with South Africa on Saturday as she basked in a warm welcome from President Jacob Zuma.

US, SA pledge to work for a ‘free’ Zimbabwe

The US and SA pledged joint action on Friday to induce reforms in Zimbabwe as Hillary Clinton hailed a new spirit of cooperation between the countries

Clinton in SA seeking new start on Zimbabwe

Hillary Clinton was in South Africa on Friday on a bid for a fresh start in relations, seeking cooperation in pushing Zimbabwe to carry out reforms.

US wants to be ‘partner, not patron’ of Africa

The US on Wednesday warned that bad governance was holding back Africa.

Hillary Clinton kicks off Africa tour in Kenya

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton began a tour of seven African states on Tuesday in Kenya, where she will seek action to stabilise Somalia.

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