Shaun Tandon

Clinton seeks new US commitment to Africa

Hillary Clinton this week kicks off a seven-nation tour of Africa aiming to prove US commitment to the continent.

Business leaders out to put India on US map

United States and Indian business leaders meet on Wednesday in a bid to put a new focus on the South Asian power.

Tough road lies ahead for global climate deal

There have been numerous disagreements during a week of intense climate-change talks in Bangkok but there is one point all sides agree on -- a long, tough road lies ahead. The five-day negotiations stretched past midnight on Friday before reaching a deal aimed solely at setting up more talks.

Air, sea travel under scrutiny for new climate deal

More than 160 nations agreed in Bangkok on Friday to consider how to reduce rapidly growing greenhouse gas emissions from air and sea travel, in an early move towards a new global-warming treaty. The accord was the first hurdle in succeeding the Kyoto agreement in the fight against climate change.

High noon for tense climate talks

The European Union and United States sparred on Thursday as negotiators raced against the clock to come up with framework deal to fight global warming after 2012. As exhausted negotiators fought over draft text behind closed doors, the 11-day-old conference received a jolt of star power as Nobel laureate Al Gore arrived.

‘World’ Baseball Classic defies globalisation

For all the talk of a globalised world, America's national pastime of baseball still baffles most of the planet. The inaugural 16-nation World Baseball Classic opening this weekend in Japan is the latest bid to globalize the sport described almost a century ago as America's secular religion.

‘They say whales are endangered, but it’s a lie’

In the latest issue of a leading Japanese organic food magazine, readers learn how to bring up children to select the freshest vegetables and discover the health virtues of avocados, cauliflowers and chrysanthemums -- and there is a feature extolling ''organic'' whale meat.

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