Sheree Bega

‘SA can’t leave its shift to a low-carbon future to chance’

Innovation and creativity is crucial to guide financing, say experts

New tool finds best places to build wind farms to protect birds of prey

Researchers say the computer model is a ‘win-win’ for eagles and wind farm developers

Why great white sharks are disappearing from South Africa’s coastline

Government panel blames killer whales for the depleted population of great white sharks, but experts say overfishing is the big culprit that is not being addressed

Poachers in prisons tell their stories

Interviews with offenders provide insight into the structure of illegal wildlife trade networks

Creecy okays drilling off KwaZulu-Natal coast

Despite dozens of appeals, the South African government is determined to give Sasol and its partners the go-ahead. But activists will not stop the fight

Sisulu: Third of audited mines violate conditions of water use licence

The water and sanitation department has not revoked or suspended water use, ‘but this remains an option’

Scientists find microplastics in women’s placentas

Researchers are concerned that the plastic particles in the placenta, which provides the foetus with oxygen and nutrients, could potentially harm its development

The ‘warning lights flash red’ for Earth

It’s the Age of Humans — the Anthropocene — and the most serious threats to our experience and existence on our planet are human-made

Buggy sucks up nasty nurdles on beaches

Four friends who spent their spare time diving saw the bigger picture and started an organisation to defend the blue

River soldiers fight to heal the Hennops

Volunteers have removed nearly one million tons of waste from the river in a year during clean-ups

Africa’s iconic raptors are soaring into oblivion

Secretary birds, martial eagles and bateleurs are now listed as globally endangered

Nearly half of South Africa’s Protea species on the brink of extinction

Loss of habitat to agriculture, the spread of invasive species and changes to natural fire cycles are biggest culprits

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