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Shuaib Manjra

ICC could help to hold Israel to account

The current ANC government must look to its past to know why it should remain in the ICC

Compromise needed to protect Muslim women

The Muslim Marriages Bill, which seeks to regularise and regulate Muslim marriages, has been characterised by extensive consensus building.

A caricature of itself

Something may be rotten in the state of Denmark and the stench is being smelt the world over. The spontaneous expression of outrage in Muslim communities around the world, sparked by the Danish cartoons, has surprised many. Its magnitude has led some to question its spontaneity by speculating whether a hidden hand orchestrated this reaction.

Chemistry is a poor substitute for character

Lincoln Allison's provocative article “Are drugs really that bad?” forces us to interrogate existing paradigms regarding drugs and sport against the backdrop of a spate of positive tests. Doping is banned because it gives an athlete an unfair advantage; it has significant health consequences; and it violates the spirit of sport.
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