Siddhartha Kumar

India, China prepare to compete in Africa

India has joined the race with China for Africa's abundant hydrocarbons and natural resources while offering to empower the 53-nation continent through affordable technologies, the development of human capital and equal partnerships. The first-ever India-Africa summit began in New Delhi on Tuesday.

The year Indian firms went global

After more than a decade of economic liberalisation, 2006 marked the emergence of India Inc as a worldwide financial player, as domestic companies cast their business vision abroad to acquire bigger and better foreign firms. The hunted turned the hunter. Industrial and business houses enhanced their competitiveness in the new environment.

Political reform falters in Egypt

As the year draws to a close, prospects for constitutional reform remain ''bleak'' in the view of Egypt's fragmented opposition, who continue to accuse the governing National Democratic Party of operating a ''police state''. Despite promises of reform and constitutional amendments put forward by the NDP, the coming year promises to be complicated and troublesome.

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