Simon Hattenstone
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/ 2 February 2007

Serena’s weepy classic

There is nothing that reduces me to a howling baby more than an unlikely sporting triumph — Kelly Holmes staring at the screen unsure that she has won her first Olympic gold before yelping with joy; Manchester City coming from 2-0 down to beat Gillingham at Wembley. Serena Williams provided those of us that way inclined with another all-time weepy classic last weekend.

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/ 8 December 2006

Elvis is all shook up

Is there a man in football with more responsibilities than Stephen Pressley? The Hearts and Scotland stalwart is not only a centre-back and captain (though the latter is currently subject to debate), he is also his club’s shop steward, counsellor, leader of the players’ popular revolutionary front and whistle-blower in chief.

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/ 10 November 2006

Every underdog has its day

Monday morning, and the world shines anew. Grown men skip down the street, pensioners raise their walking sticks in solidarity, babies gurgle contentedly, unseasonal birds tweet the Internationale. ”Lovely day!” says the man selling tickets at the Tube station. I don’t think I’ve seen him smile before.