Simon Martin

Kim Jong-un’s half-brother assassinated in Malaysia, according to South Korean media

Officials in Seoul and Kuala Lumpur could not confirm the death of Kim Jong-Nam, once seen as heir apparent in the North.

N Korea’s Kim marks birthday amid shortages

North Korea was in festive mood as leader Kim Jong-il turned 69 on Wednesday, state media reported.

Two Koreas take tough stance as tensions rise

The two Koreas are still talking tough one month after the North's artillery bombardment sent tensions soaring.

Currency-war threat looms over G20 meeting

G20 finance ministers will meet in South Korea this week to try to chart a new direction for the world's economy after a devastating downturn.

Amnesty paints desperate picture of N Korea healthcare

Surgery without anaesthetics and epidemics worsened by malnutrition show the desperate state of North Korea's healthcare system, Amnesty says.

War without end overshadows Korea 60 years on

The Korean War, which began 60 years ago on Friday, lasted three years, cost millions of lives and never officially ended.

North Korea puts military on combat alert, warns of war

North Korea put its military on combat alert on Monday as United States and South Korean troops began a major joint exercise.

‘Dear Leader’ firmly in charge on 65th birthday

North Korea's "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-Il turns 65 on Friday, apparently firmly in charge of his nuclear-armed nation but with no obvious successor in sight to lead the reclusive regime. Dozens of events ranging from a "Kimjongilia" flower festival to artistic performances and sports competitions have already been staged to mark the day.

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