Sipho Hlongwane

2018 Fifa World Cup: For Africa, there were positive lessons to take

For the first time, the tie-breaker for knockout round qualifying came down to the disciplinary records of two otherwise evenly-matched sides

Fascism and the EFF: Or how to gaslight the media

If Julius Malema is a fascist, and his party is a mere extension of his fascism, then everything they say can be dismissed outright, can it not?

Land: Why so afraid of a debate?

The land question can be avoided no longer – it is of crucial economic, social and legal importance.

The President’s Keepers and state capture: black intellectualism needs to focus

South Africa has an undernourished literary tradition, where even among the sophisticated one may find confusion over written work and writers.

SA rises from Bell Pottinger ashes

The damage done by state capture does not blind us to the fact that the democratic project belongs to all citizens

Bell Pottinger did not invent SA’s racialised poverty and inequality

The good news is that South Africans have chosen to go forwards – that choice is evident in the rejection of state capture from all quarters.

Mzwanele Manyi makes a mockery of media transformation

Transformation is not a magical wand that excludes black owners from playing by the same rules as everybody else.

ANALYSIS: 2016 – the year the ANC failed to keep up with changing SA politics

The local level is the coalface of government work; it’s where failure and state capture hurts the most.

The battle cry for land is spreading

The ANC, having struggled to rectify the theft of land, finds that it is firmly on the people’s agenda.

Pravin for president?

Who has the correct struggle credentials, public service record, broad public support and has become the face of the fight for good governance?

Why this is the end for Zuma

The state capture report is like a Pandora’s Box for the president: soon all the dirty secrets will tumble out, and the vultures are already circling.

Dead man walking: Why the state capture could finally be the end of Jacob Zuma

The state capture report released on Wednesday did not contain any good news for the president.

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