Sophie Mbugua

Africa’s big adaptation ask at COP26

Africa causes just 4% of global emissions, but pays the price of them. With what money?

Climate crisis affects Kenyan’s mental health

The country has a national mental health emergency but only a handful of psychiatrists to deal with it

Kenya: Solar motorcycles take on Nairobi smog

Nairobi's reliance on motorcycles is hindering efforts to reduce carbon emissions, as manufacturers struggle to adapt to clean energy technology

Is Africa becoming the world’s dumping ground for dirty diesel vehicles?

Cars that are no longer able to meet emission standards are being exported to Africa

Investing in bamboo to curb floods in Kenya

In Kenya, floods and landslides killed around 100 people and displaced nearly 300 000 between March and May 2018

Waste not, want not: Kenya turns sewage into cleaner, longer-burning fuel

Is Kenya, currently plagued by a cholera outbreak, about to show the world the energy wealth hidden in human waste?

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