Stephanie Nieuwoudt

Fallen soldiers of SS Mendi dragged into battle

The fated SS Mendi has been remembered, ignored and revived for political gain.

Stellenbosch’s lessons for living together

Integrated student housing at Stellenbosch University is key to smoothing over the campus's charged racial divides.

She will overcome

Jenni Williams has been jailed more often than she can remember. Yet she refuses to give up the fight for justice.

Return of the intolerant Rwanda

The arrest and subsequent release of American human-rights lawyer Peter Erlinder in Rwanda on charges of "genocide denialism".

Is inviting Africans to G8 meeting ‘window-dressing’?

Questions are being asked whether the G8 invitation to African states to its summit reflects its concern about the litany of unmet promises.

The brandy and coke approach

Despite sporadic talk of Eugene Terre'Blanche's murder triggering a civil war, analysts say the AWB is too weak to pose a significant national threat.

Manuel, Mbeki resignations welcomed by some

The resignations of President Thabo Mbeki and Finance Minister Trevor Manuel have shocked many, but some have welcomed the news.

What’s the carbon footprint of SA’s fruit and wine?

South African fruit and wine farmers have launched an initiative to determine the environmental impact of their industries.

Crafts that steal hearts

Margret Woermann is the owner of and creative force behind the Heartworks craft shops.

Made in Khayelitsha, sold in New York

A Cape Town beading initiative is improving the lives of poor women in the townships around the city.

Botswana’s Bushmen in lodge controversy

A planned lodge development at the settlement of Molapo in Botswana's Central Kalahari Game Reserve has become a source of controversy. Tourists who frequent the 40-room lodge's luxury accommodation will enjoy the sights of the Kalahari. The outlook for indigenous Bushmen from the reserve is less positive, however.

Surviving in the blackboard jungle

Violence in South African schools has claimed the lives of a number of children in recent years, while many more have been hospitalised with injuries. In one of the latest incidents, a 15-year-old boy was beaten by a fellow pupil at a high school in Florida, a relatively well-off suburb of Johannesburg.

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