Stephen Moss

Henning Mankell: Paradise is a fiction of compromise

The author of the best-selling "Wallander" detective series reflects on his dual roles as writer and activist.

George Orwell back in fashion as Prism stokes Big Brother paranoia

"Nineteen Eighty-Four" depicts a society in which liberty was impossible – so how should we respond to this new threat?

Terry Pratchett: Science is stranger than fiction

Despite his Alzheimer’s diagnosis, Terry Pratchett is still marvelling at the weird science of the world.

It’s time for the Magnus opus

At 22, Magnus Carlsen is the strongest chess player in history. And now the ultimate endgame beckons

What have been the greatest escapes?

Nearly 500 Taliban prisoners have tunnelled their way out of an Afghan prison, but how does their feat match up to those other great breakouts?

Please don’t privatise Pompeii

These Italian ruins should be preserved, but not turned into a theme park, writes Stephen Moss.

Gordimer gets back in the fray

Writer Nadine Gordimer is fighting again, this time against government's plans to muzzle the media. She tells <b>Stephen Moss</b> why.

Nadine Gordimer goes back into battle

Twenty years after helping defeat apartheid, the eminent writer is fighting government plans to muzzle South Africa's media.

‘Jews don’t own the Holocaust’

Yann Martel has been savaged for writing about the World War II genocide in his follow-up to <i>Life of Pi</i>.

In search of the real Robin Hood

Ridley Scott claims his new version of <i>Robin Hood</i>, starring Russell Crowe, is the most historically accurate portrayal.

Martin Amis: The Mick Jagger of letters

As his 12th novel comes out, the novelist admits fearing his decline as a writer and is still wounded by the critics, writes Stephen Moss.

Environmental evangelist

Jane Goodall, who began her seminal work on the chimpanzees of Africa 50 years ago, is now touring the world with another important message.

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