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Oil price lowest in three months

Oil fell to its lowest price in three months on Friday, briefly touching the level after the dollar muscled higher.

Hurricane Dean heads for Mexico

Hurricane Dean skirted the Cayman Islands on Monday and raced toward Mexico's resort-dotted Caribbean coast, where tens of thousands of tourists fled what could become a mammoth category-five storm. The airport at Mexico's biggest resort, Cancun, was packed with departing tourists on Monday.

Woolmer probe focuses on hotel video

Police are trying to identify dozens of people captured by security cameras at the hotel where Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer was murdered, the lead investigator said on Wednesday. About 80 unidentified people were filmed on Woolmer's floor during the days he and his team stayed at Kingston's upscale Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.

Police face major hurdles in Woolmer murder probe

Potential witnesses into the murder of cricket coach Bob Woolmer have either left Jamaica or not come forward. Security video shows just a sliver of the crime scene. And wild rumours seem in greater supply than facts. Investigators have announced no arrests or breakthroughs -- raising questions of whether the investigation trail has gone cold.

Aristide: I will return when the ‘conditions are right’

Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Haiti's ousted former president, said in an interview published on Thursday that he will return to the Caribbean nation ''once the conditions are right'', but doesn't plan to go back into government. In a wide-ranging interview published in the London Review of Books, Aristide said he and his family are staying in South Africa ''as guests, not as exiles''.

Aristide leaves for ‘temporary’ home

Ousted Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide has left the Caribbean for temporary asylum in South Africa, saying he plans to return to his troubled homeland one day. ''There is one elected president of Haiti ... and it's me,'' Aristide told reporters in Jamaica on Sunday, shortly before departing aboard a South African jet with his family and bodyguards.

Aristide expected in SA ‘this weekend’

Ousted Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide will leave Jamaica for temporary asylum in South Africa this weekend, the government said on Thursday. The former leader will leave the island with his wife and two young daughters no later than Sunday, said Aristide's government-appointed spokesperson Huntley Medley.

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