Svetlana Kovalyova

‘Green revolution’ needed to support African continent

A "green revolution" leading to much higher crop yields is needed to support the rapidly growing populations of African countries, a think-tank warns.

Food costs at record highs, UN warns of volatile era

Global food prices tracked by a UN agency hit their highest level on record in January, a problem set to worsen after a massive snowstorm in the US.

The fight over the future of food

Giuseppe Oglio's farm near Milan looks like it's suffering from neglect. Weeds run rampant amid the rice fields and clover grows unchecked.

G8 farm ministers look at food output, security

Farm ministers flook likely to focus on how to raise world food production, rather than take action to curb commodity speculation.

Agritourism throws lifeline to Italian farmers

Like many farmers, Martin Busin works from dawn till nightfall, but he still needs the help of his cafe-au-lait cow, Miss, to bring in tourists to keep afloat his smallholding in Italy's mountainous Alto Adige region. With little farming land and over a million high-cost small farms, Italy started opening farms to tourists in the mid-1960s.

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