Tabassum Zakaria

As drone monopoly frays, Obama seeks global rules

US President Barack Obama is now seeking to influence global guidelines for drone use as China and other countries pursue their own programmes.

Bin Laden no ‘puppet master’

New documents show that Osama bin Laden was not the "puppet master" of jihadi groups around the world and complained of what he called "incompetence".

Rise of the drones

In many ways, it's the perfect weapon for a war-weary nation that suddenly finds itself on a tight budget.

Pakistan spy chief’s visit to US ‘went very well’

Rifts between the United States and Pakistan over the Osama bin Laden killing have been mended during CIA meetings in Washington.

Airplane bomb suspect cooperating with US

The Nigerian man accused of trying to blow up a US airliner on Christmas Day has provided "useful, actionable" intelligence to US authorities.

Obama’s use of fear card may backfire

Barack Obama may think words like ''catastrophe,'' or ''crisis'' will help sell his rescue plans, but history has shown that scare tactics can backfire.

Bush exits White House, goes home to Texas

George Bush bid farewell to Washington politics on Tuesday, leaving with little fanfare as the US turned its attention to new President Barack Obama.

US to pump $250bn into banks

The United States pledged on Tuesday to pump -billion into its banks, following similar action in Europe, though a threat of recession remained.

Bush buys time on bailout plan

President George Bush said on Saturday that benefits from the recently passed financial bailout would take time to show up in the US economy.

Bush pledges swift aid to hurricane-hit Texas

United States President George Bush pledged swift federal aid for millions of storm-struck Texans on Tuesday.

Russia says Washington fanning Georgia instability

Russia on Wednesday accused the US of stirring up instability in Georgia, hours after US Vice-President Dick Cheney landed in the region.

Bush presents peace prophecy for Middle East

United States President George Bush offered a peace prophecy for the Middle East on Thursday in which the enemies of the United States faced a future of defeat. ''This is a bold vision, and some will say it can never be achieved,'' Bush told Israel's Parliament.

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