Jeremy Pelofsky

Al-Qaeda ‘planned to target oil tankers’

US officials say al-Qaeda had plans to hijack or sink oil tankers in order to prompt a spike in prices and trigger an economic crisis in the West.

US tightens security, seeks source of parcel bombs

The United States searched on Saturday for the culprits behind a plot to bomb Jewish targets in Chicago.

Criminal probe of Gulf oil spill seen inevitable

With a BP well spilling oil into the Gulf of Mexico for a fifth week and President Barack Obama under pressure to act, legal experts say it is only a matter of time before his administration begins a criminal investigation into the disaster.

Second big snowstorm slams US East Coast

The second major snowstorm in less than a week slammed the US East Coast from Washington to New York on Tuesday, forcing the United Nations to close.

BAE reaches $450m settlement with US, Britain

BAE Systems will pay about $450-million in fines in the United States and Britain, settling long-running corruption investigations.

Airplane bomb suspect cooperating with US

The Nigerian man accused of trying to blow up a US airliner on Christmas Day has provided "useful, actionable" intelligence to US authorities.

Obama presses security overhaul, Nigerian indicted

US President Barack Obama is "not patient" and is demanding immediate changes in airline security, the top US military officer said on Wednesday.

Fort Hood suspect contacted Islamist

Intelligence agencies learned an Army psychiatrist contacted an Islamist sympathetic to al-Qaeda and that the information was relayed to authorities.

White House mulls site for Guantánamo detainees

The Obama administration is close to selecting a location on US soil to house some detainees from the American military prison at Guantánamo Bay.

Ex-CIA chiefs urge Obama to drop abuse investigation

Seven former heads of the CIA urged President Barack Obama on Friday to end the probe into allegations of abuse of prisoners.

Democrats push vote on huge US stimulus plan

US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid halted debate on a -billion rescue Bill late on Thursday, but said lawmakers would resume work Friday.

US to pump $250bn into banks

The United States pledged on Tuesday to pump -billion into its banks, following similar action in Europe, though a threat of recession remained.

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