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US seeks ways to assist African forces in Somalia

The United States military is prepared to step up assistance to African Union forces in Somalia.

Biden assures Israel of US security commitment

United States Vice-President Joe Biden assured Israel on Tuesday of Washington's commitment to its security.

Child-support grants: A lifeline out of poverty

For over nine million South African children, child-support grants provide a lifeline from a life of utter poverty.

Obama vows to ‘finish the job’ in Afghanistan

US President Barack Obama vowed on Tuesday to ''finish the job'' of an unpopular and costly eight-year war in Afghanistan.

Fort Hood suspect contacted Islamist

Intelligence agencies learned an Army psychiatrist contacted an Islamist sympathetic to al-Qaeda and that the information was relayed to authorities.

Ethnic tension a factor in Afghan vote, envoy says

Hamid Karzai and his chief rival, who have both claimed election victory, have assured US officials they will respect the outcome of the poll.

Netanyahu bends on statehood but not settlements

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave ground on Sunday by conditionally accepting a United States goal of a Palestinian state.

More than $2-million in USAid contracts for Abbas’s sons

Firms run by sons of President Mahmoud Abbas won United States government aid contracts to repair roads in the Palestinian territories.

Israel links Gaza deal to soldier’s release

Israel decided on Wednesday against lifting a Gaza border blockade until Hamas agreed to release a captured Israeli soldier.

Jerusalem rocked by new vehicle attack

A Palestinian rammed his car into a group of soldiers in Jerusalem on Monday, as Foreign Minster Tzipi Livni worked towards a new government.

Olmert’s rivals jostle for Israel’s leadership

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's rivals jostled for Israel's leadership on Thursday after he announced his decision to resign.

Obama calls Israel a ‘miracle’ and vows staunch support

United States Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama pledged staunch support for Israel on Wednesday in Jerusalem.

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