Tan Ee Lyn
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/ 16 October 2007

Fruit compound fights head, neck cancer

Lupeol, a compound in fruits like mangoes, grapes and strawberries, appears to be effective in killing and curbing the spread of cancer cells in the head and neck, a study in Hong Kong has found. An experiment with mice showed lupeol worked most effectively with chemotherapy drugs and had almost no side effects.

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/ 6 August 2007

Keen demand fuels global trade in body parts

Paul Lee got his liver from an executed Chinese prisoner; Karam in Egypt bought a kidney for his sister for  300; in Istanbul, Hakan is holding out for  700 for one of his kidneys. They are not so unusual: a dire shortage of donated organs in rich countries is sending foreigners with end-stage illnesses to poorer places like China, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Colombia and the Philippines to buy a new lease of life.