Teigue Payne

Wages up as unemployed queues grow

Manufacturing salaries vary according to skill levels with skilled workers earning much more, writes Teigue Payne.

Patchwork deal does not pay off

Despite a shot in the arm, South Africa's textile industry is still losing out to the Far East, writes Teigue Payne.

Maize production blossoms in SA

After a big spike in maize prices last year -- Grain SA hopes that a new information mechanism will make the market more transparent.

Taxes force start-ups underground

Statistics have shown a slump in the establishment of new businesses, but experts say they have just gone under the radar.

State gets tough on alcohol

The South African government has two weapons in its arsenal to curb alcohol abuse, namely Increased taxes and reduced advertising.

Victory for smaller companies

The balance has shifted on the bargaining body for the engineering industries and this has meant increased representation for the smaller businesses.

Clothing industry sheds jobs

The clothing manufacturing industry is on a knife edge after the announcement of planned retrenchments of about 1 900 workers by two big players.

How to grow communal land use

Subsistence farmers should be helped to increase yields and find profitable markets, says researcher.

Food prices pummel the poor

Food prices, which increased by just 1% last year, have increased by a whopping 10.6% so far this year.

SA struggles to meet banking targets

Most South African adults (54%) are satisfied with their lifestyles.

Big victory for smaller companies

Employers' association succeeds in tempering 'unconstitutional' acts of bargaining council.

Group saving and loan plan pays off

An innovative community approach is giving the previously unbanked business opportunities.

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