Teigue Payne

Labour: Bargaining council barneys

Three cases have challenged the ability of centralised bargaining to apply decisions to non-parties. Teigue Payne reports.

Don’t pooh-pooh the benefits of biogas

Biogas digesters, which are commonly seen in many Asian countries, are among the most viable immediate green energy prospects in South Africa.

A recipe for rescuing gold mines?

The resuscitation of Blyvooruitzicht gold mine could pave the way for other ailing mines, says Teigue Payne.

Sugar giant talks indigenisation vs empowerment

Tongaat Hulett's sugar operations in Zimbabwe comprise the wholly owned Triangle Sugar operation and its 50.3% holding in Hippo Valley Estates.

Business rescue yields mixed bag of results

Business rescue, South Africa's equivalent to chapter 11 bankruptcy in the United States, is generally working well.

As they sew so shall they reap

A new agreement, which will be introduced at plant level, will allow clothing workers to receive productivity bonuses. Teigue Payne reports.

Leading the way in adventure clothing

In the low-margin and the seemingly endless decline of the South African sector because of imports -- the K-Way brand is a positive story.

Ostrich farms are not for chickens

It is not an easy game but if an alternative to culling is found, South Africa's ostrich industry could take flight.

State nails errant unions

Cosatu hits back after some of its affiliates the Communication Workers' Union and South African Democratic Nurses'Union are deregistered.

Manganese: Power before promise

New miners need more efficient infrastructure to capitalise on rich deposits in the Kalahari, writes Teigue Payne.

Wage dispute divides employers

Pay deals reached by the bargaining council are criticised for threatening small business, writes Teigue Payne.

Stimulating the rural economy

Access to wholesalers and retailers can make all the difference between poverty and employment, writes Teigue Payne.

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