Teigue Payne

The amazing whiteness of local staples

Consumers want their maize meal and flour to be white, even though this makes them less healthy.

Where incentives mean more clothing jobs

<strong>Teigue Payne</strong> unpicks a major difference between clothing factories in South Africa and elsewhere.

Labour wage war puts collective bargaining in the dock

A mammoth court battle between employers and SA's largest bargaining council is set to have huge ramifications for labour and wage hike processes.

Millions get income from small business

The recent National Planning Commission "jam" was dominated by suggestions from South Africans regarding what to do about unemployment.

Tyre industry reels from ‘blowout’

South African tyre-makers, which recently lost an anti-dumping case regarding the flood of cheap Chinese imports, have warned of a blowout.

SABMiller slakes thirst Down Under

Foster's acquisition shows the beer giant is still eager for expansion, writes <b>Teigue Payne</b>.

How to get more out of your bank

The main obstacle to moving accounts is the inconvenience, writes <b>Teigue Payne</b>.

Tyre industry left threadbare

Tyre-makers have fought a six-year battle against what they claim is dumping from China.

Lots of factories, no jobs

Abandoned by the government and industry, Qwa-Qwa is a prime example of entrenched poverty.

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