Terry Bell

Un-schooling is better for children

Education in South Africa is a mess but alternative education is, well, an alternative

Bus services expected to resume tomorrow

The sticking point that delayed a settlement was the insistence by the unions that the agreed 9% pay rise be backdated to April 1

Light at the end of the bus strike tunnel?

Two ministers will meet with bus operators and unions in another attempt to end the deadlocked talks

Saftu submits first parliamentary objection to minimum wage

The minimum wage was initially supposed to be introduced on May 1. However, this has been delayed.

Unsung rights activist and mother of Pallo Jordan, Phyllis Ntantala-Jordan, dies

Though not as widely known as she perhaps should have been, Phyllis Ntantala-Jordan spent her life advocating for the rights of different people.

South African women’s rights activist Phyllis Ntantala-Jordan dies at 96 in the US

One of South Africa’s great fighters against apartheid and for women’s rights died on Sunday in the US. Phyllis Priscilla Ntantala-Jordan was 96.

Afcon festivities belie Equatorial Guinea’s tyrannical history

With the world’s eyes on the tiny African nation, its president is hoping the Africa Cup of Nations will bring the approval he so desperately seeks.

Resilient in the Struggle

Fiercely nonsectarian, outspoken and with a keen mind, she had a deserved reputation for speaking out against perceived injustices.

Distorted story has raised doubts about a reputable forum

Terry Bell responds to the M&G's stories over two weeks concerning the Forum for Public Dialogue and its chairperson, Moeletsi Mbeki.

Bigotry rides rampant

Bigotry is again riding rampant in reaction to last week's Zapiro cartoon in the <i>Mail & Guardian</i>, argues political analyst <b>Terry Bell</b>.

When free lunches are hard to swallow

Within the trade union movement, billions have been made by those who chose the path of investing the money of unionised workers.

State agencies punch hole in Act

South Africa's much-vaunted right to freedom of information was undermined last year, simply because the directors general of some of the country's intelligence agencies requested it. Like all government departments, they have, by law, to list all of the records they hold. But this does not mean that access to them is free or automatic -- only that reasons should be given for denying access.

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