The Editorial

Response to the falsehoods about the M&G in Sanef’s media ethics and credibility report

Media houses holding each other to account is essential to a working democracy, but false claims serve only to undermine that goal

Editorial: Party funding reform overdue

Mathews Phosa, the man likely to lose control of the ANC's purse strings come Mangaung, is now one of the proponents of party funding reform.

Editorial: Underperformers, take a hike!

There seems to be scant will to rectify mistakes or to hold accountable those responsible for a litany of financial transgressions in municipalities.

Small fry for big fisheries

Fishing group Oceana admitted guilt to the Competition Commission for a long list of price-fixing and agreed to pay a fine of nearly R35-million.

Gay rights – proud, but vigilant

It is cause for real concern when the National House of Traditional Leaders proposes that protection of gay rights be removed from the Constitution.

Paranoid have taken over asylum

The security establishment in South Africa has turned into a circus, with news breaking each week about serious evidence of wrongdoing.

Cut the bloat and trim the force

The South African National Defence Force has been in a mess for some time, with discipline levels low and the kit outdated, among other issues.

End this epidemic of violent abuse

In terms of budget allocations and intent, the government has tried to correct the problems in urban communities but is failing via performance.

Absurd farce plays out at the SABC

There seems to be no end to the disputes at the SABC, especially over editorial independence as chief executive and head of news clash yet again.

Zimbabwe’s politics of morbidity

News of Robert Mugabe's demise might not be the best thing for Zimbabwe, as it might lead to more repression.

Citizens become overburdened

Prices hikes for everything have put the poor and middle class under strain and they are going to have to make some adjustments.

Hlophe: JSC must re-establish trust

The ConCourt faced a difficult job when it was asked to consider whether Cape Judge President John Hlophe should get leave to appeal a court ruling.

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