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Suisse Secrets: How Credit Suisse became the bank of spies

During the War on Terror, international strategy relied on intelligence officials from regimes accused of corruption and torture. Several of these spies and their families held large sums at Credit Suisse.

Suisse Secrets: Bank financed Zimbabwean fraudster in deal that saved Mugabe

The Swiss Secrets leak reveals Credit Suisse’s role in a controversial platinum mine sale that helped to finance a wave of violence around Zimbabwe’s 2008 election

What the historic leak of Swiss Banking records reveal

Despite pledges by Credit Suisse to crack down on illegitimate funds, leaked data shows the bank catered to dozens of criminals, dictators, sanctioned parties and political actors with outsized wealth

Congo-Brazzaville’s repressive government buys secret weapons haul from Azerbaijan

For several years, the Republic of the Congo has been quietly buying an arsenal from Azerbaijan, with the latest cache arriving before next month’s election

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