Thebe Mabanga

Anglo finds SA hard to love or leave

After 100 years, the mining giant remains a big fish in our political and economic pond

Cutting-edge research thrives under inspired leadership

Management and related activities over the last 5-10 years

Mining charter: Disaster or boon?

The new mining charter is causing ripples. We asked two people to explain what the arguments for and against are.

Services, Entrepreneur of the Year: Ama X-Rays

'Business is hard work, takes a lot of energy, needs dedication and sacrifices have to be made along the way'

Manufacturing, Youth Entrepreneur of the Year: Nambitha Nutritional Products

'It is not that difficult to operate a food and beverage manufacturing company; it just needs patience and discipline'

Food & Beverage: Goapele Bakery

'One advantage of being a township business is that none of my employees have to take transport to get to work'

Retail & Finance: Cool Apple Dude Buddy

'Our biggest challenge was getting clients to trust the company and bring their business to a township back room'

Tourism: Zaza’s Guesthouse and Spa

'Township tourism is going places and more and more experiences are being created'

Of Villages, towns and small dorpies

Bokone Bophirima is focusing spending and development on smaller settlements

A tourist haven

Province aims to be in the top three destinations countrywide

North West pays tribute to Oliver Tambo

The province has launched awards inspired by the former ANC president

From bricks to WiFi

The North West Development Corporation is the government’s implementing agent

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