Thembelihle Tshabalala

Expats upbeat as voting day winds down

South Africans across the globe showed up on Wednesday to vote, and for most making their mark in a foreign land was a momentous occasion.

Selebi case on hold — again

Judge Meyer Joffe of the Johannesburg High Court on Tuesday ruled that police national commissioner Jackie Selebi's case be postponed to May 4.

What the citizens say

Thembelihle Tshabalala tested the reaction on the streets over the decision to drop charges against Jacob Zuma.

Unions eye job losses

Cosatu: it does not make sense that the gold mines are jumping on the bandwagon of cutting jobs when the price of gold remains stable.

Saving the sickest

The new ART guidelines strictly state that initiation of treatment should not be delayed for more than a week in patients who fit certain criteria.

Don’t mess with my weave

The feel-good factor is boosting the local beauty industry, regardless of the economic crisis. Thembelihle Tshabalala reports.

The long wait for help

Thembelihle Tshabalala goes to Musina and listens to Zimbabwean refugees suffering as they wait for asylum.

Limpopo now a disaster area

Limpopo -- most heavily affected by the cholera epidemic carried across the border by Zimbabwean refugees -- has been declared a disaster area.

Styled to shine

Survey reveals that the new 'black diamonds' are less bling-obsessed and more financially prudent. writes Thembelihle Tshabalala.

South Africans ‘not optimistic about the future’

South Africans are not optimistic about the future, according to this year's South African Reconciliation barometer.

Large and green

David Tlale's new range aims to make fuller-figured women feel light and feminine, writes Thembelihle Tshabalala.

ANC keeps eye on dissidents

Task teams and advisers have been deployed to Cope hotspots to troubleshoot.

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