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2014: I’m voting for jobs

On May 7 2014 I’ll be voting for the second time. This time I won’t quiver as I draw my “X”. I’m voting for me

Zille’s itchy Twitter finger dumps her in the poo

Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille has caused quite a kerfuffle after her fight with a journalist on social media. Go, Zille!

Will Zuma never learn?

No cease-fire or peace treaty can be enough. Not in South African politics.

What do these results mean?

We weigh in on the matric exam results and our special section devoted to good news in South Africa and the world at large.

Time to hand it over, Mr Zuma

The <i>M&G</i> weighs in on its victory at the SCA and the government's extraordinary success in cutting in half the cost of antiretroviral drugs.

When Leaks become a flood

The ripples from the WikiLeaks scandal made a fairly gentle landfall in South Africa last week.

Secrets, lies and phony deals

For years we have chased hints and allegations, now the <i>M&G</i> has obtained clear evidence of financial benefits from the arms deal.

Down with deployment

Youth, GB Shaw famously said, is wasted on the young. Money too.

Frugality rules in the real world

Whatever we think of the politics of nationalisation, the questions is will it fly in this new world? The <i>M&G</i> weighs in.

Disgraceful war against women

The <i>M&G</i> shares thoughts on the alleged gang rape of a 15-year-old girl on the Jules High School and Netcare's involvement in organ trafficking.

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