Tim Fish Hodgson

SADC remains conspicuously silent on vaccines as many continue to die

The SADC states have failed to deliver on their human rights obligations by not securing vaccines

SADC’s silence on access to Covid-19 vaccines is too loud

All people living in Southern Africa need equitable vaccine access. Time is short and our people are dying, so the regional body should act fast

Mauritania’s slavery problem

Next month’s African Union summit will be hosted by one of the world’s worst perpetrators, but slavery is off the agenda

Marievale residents take on military and get some relief

The judge ordered that they return to their homes or that the military provide alternative accommodation

Lend children with disabilities a hand

Many aren’t at school because of inadequate funding and unsuitable facilities and care

Communities often ‘win in court but fail in reality’

Reality prevails and its cruel bite is increasingly met with the righteous indignation of those in dire need of the protection of human rights.

Quotaless T20 a big step backwards

Cricket SA has dealt transformation a blow by opting not to implement quotas in its new Global League

Web archives open up the truth about Marikana

New web archives give the public access to the full range of evidence from the Farlam commission.

The future of South African cricket is black and bright

Whites must stop whining about the flight of talent, as the system is still heavily stacked in their favour

Blind schooling in ‘shocking’ state

It's a national shame: our visually impaired children face appalling learning conditions.

A serpent lurks in the garden of plurality

The promotion of Christian values by some of our politicians endangers our constitutional integrity.

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