Tlaleng Mofokeng

Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng: Why it’s essential to decolonise public health

The fact that access to quality healthcare is determined by race, gender, geography and power is proven, as is healthcare’s shameful history of exploitation of those with less power for ‘research’. The future must do better

Stop the ‘war on drugs’, it doesn’t work

Punitive measures simply drive drug use underground. A more effective way is to adopt harm reduction interventions

Gender-based violence is a barrier to achieving development agenda

Modern development strategies often recognise the pivotal importance of enabling women to fulfill their potential and contribute effectively to their economies. Yet they fail to recognise the need for concerted action to protect women from violence

Birth control: Six things you should ask your doctor

What’s left unspoken: If you expect your healthcare provider to lay out your birth control options, you may be in for a long wait

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