Tom Eaton

MPs seek end of captive lion trophy hunting in SA

Campaigns to ban the importation of captive-bred lion trophies have gathered steam in Australia, France, The Netherlands and the US in recent years

The Rivers Church pastor accused of racism – what’s the story?

Pastor Andre Olivier made divisive comments about black and white South Africans on Sunday and as news broke of his sermon he was accused of racism.

Protests: Squashing the burning desire

Burning stuff is a sad state of affairs considering the inroads made recently by protesting done right, writes Hansie Smit.

Fearless Bangladesh ‘nothing to lose’ against India

Bangladesh will have to play fearless cricket to reproduce their shock 2007 World Cup win over India to knock them out in the quarter-final.

Meet the judges

These experts have considerable collective experience in the field

Dreaming big: 13 memorable speeches

Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speech is considered one of the greatest in history. Here's a list of other memorable monologues.

There goes the neighbourhood … here comes nuclear

What happens when government plans to build a nuclear plant in your hometown? We went to the Eastern Cape to find out.

Reduced to ashes

Bernie Seale's <i>Gateway</i> is part of her <i>Black Smoke Rising</i> trilogy.

Smooth transition of beards

Zuma has confirmed that it was Motlanthe's beard, and his ability to stroke it in a reassuring manner, that won him the coveted position.

Twenty20: No reason to be grumpy

Let's not talk about Jacques Kallis, shall we? Controversies around non-selection are the most boring aspect of sporting discourse and rarely confront real problems. Besides, the batsman's reputation is glowing thanks to his omission: by not being picked, he was saved from two-stepping Sreesanth, trying to glide a Yorker to third man, and being bowled for three.

The Prince is gone …

The farewells and testimonials have been effusive, befitting someone of the stature of Brian Charles Lara. But, behind the carefully complimentary prose and the staggering, almost numbing, statistics, there have been both a tension and a hollowness, writes Tom Eaton.

Once more into the breach

For now, at least, there is justice in the world, and it looks like this: Pietersen, caught Smith, bowled Nel. The World Cup has given the Proteas plenty to chew on, but nothing would have been sweeter than the sight of the rash faux-Englishman in his little blue pyjamas scratching his way to 3 before being force-fed humble pie by his two nemeses, writes Tom Eaton.

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