Tom Heneghan

Christian ‘martyr’ deaths rise dramatically in 2013

Reported cases of Christians killed for their faith spiked last year, with Syria accounting for more than total worldwide deaths in 2012.

Pope tells Catholics the church has ‘good and bad fish’

Pope Benedict urged the faithful not to leave the Roman Catholic Church on Thursday as he began a four-day visit to Germany.

Lively debate among Catholics on pope condom remarks

The pope's view that condoms can sometimes be used to fight Aids has kindled a lively debate among Roman Catholic theologians and commentators.

Council of Europe to vote on creationism

Europe's main human rights body will vote next week on a resolution opposing the teaching of creationist and intelligent design views in school science classes. The Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly will debate a resolution saying attacks on the theory of evolution were rooted ''in forms of religious extremism''

Calls for kidney market as transplant demand soars

World markets match buyers and sellers for goods as different as oil and wheat or cars and computers. Why not for human organs like kidneys? Strong demand for life-saving transplants and short supply of organs has raised ethical issues about whether humans should be treated like vessels to provide spare parts.

Will Pope Benedict become a Mormon after he dies?

Pope Benedict was baptised at birth and will most likely be baptised again one year after his death, not by his Roman Catholic Church but by a Mormon he never met. The Mormons, a United States-based denomination officially named the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, encourage members to baptise the dead by proxy.

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