Travis Reed
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/ 4 March 2008

Google health service won’t be ad-supported

Google will not use advertising to support its new internet health service, CEO Eric Schmidt said recently in the search company’s first detailed public comments about a venture raising concerns among privacy advocates. Schmidt said the service is merely a platform for American users to store their medical information.

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/ 10 September 2005

Florida keeps eye on Hurricane Ophelia

Ophelia regained hurricane strength on a course expected to swing toward the Atlantic Coast, and forecasters urged residents from northern Florida to the Carolinas to keep close watch on its path over the next few days. The category-one storm had sustained winds of 121kph on Friday night.

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/ 25 March 2004

HP expands Linux distribution

Hewlett-Packard says it is yielding to large clients’s demands and expanding Linux distribution — a decision that could force Microsoft to reconsider some of its corporate pricing for Windows. HP announced a partnership with Novell this week and plans to package its SuSE version of Linux with computers bound for corporate clients.