Ufrieda Ho

Accused #2 back in the dock

A virtual reality film about the Rivonia Trial points to the loss of our historical records

Alan Ho’s death stirs hope out of tragedy

The murder of a shopkeeper baffled police, who not only battled to confirm his name but assumed he was from China. Yet Ho was born and bred in SA.

Africa’s Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant

The Chinese diaspora in Africa is getting its first shot at a global pageant crown for China.

Mpumalanga healthcare limps to aid of ailing poor

These stories show how complex health is in Mpumalanga, and how few opportunities there are for disempowered people to change their circumstances.

The arch angle on booming Chinatown

Twin structures spanning Cyrildene’s main stretch has bridged the community’s dual identities.

Mother knows best

Nobody messes with Jacqui Taylor's girls! Taylor is a feisty Rosettenville, Johannesburg mother of three and will not stand for her children receiving second best when they've put in the graft. She explains that this is what pushed her towards home schooling.

A natural way of learning

Iona Blakely-Milner was afraid her son would become one of the nation's guinea pigs when C2005 first arrived in schools. So she embarked on her own experiment of home schooling her child when he was in Grade 4.

In touch and independent

It has been 17 years since the Independent Examination Board (IEB) took up the reins from the old joint matriculation board as an independent examination assessor.

A career that captures the world around you

South Africas legacy of photojournalism has produced some of the most enduring images of our time.

Looking after our living treasures

More and more of South Africa's museums, galleries and even zoos have ditched their dusty personas and become vibrant, interactive institutions that are really worth a visit. The breath of fresh air blowing through these institutions is thanks largely to creative thinking in the world of curatorship.

A spot of travel adds zing to classroom practice

In the same way field trips transform textbook topics into experiences of true value for learners, international teacher-exchange programmes have the power to add zing to classroom practice.

Easing the burden

A government drive to standardise HIV/Aids policies in schools over the past three years has highlighted the need for schools to formalise their strategies to tackle the epidemic and its effects.

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