Ufrieda Ho

Guest Author

Mother knows best

Nobody messes with Jacqui Taylor's girls! Taylor is a feisty Rosettenville, Johannesburg mother of three and will not stand for her children receiving second best when they've put in the graft. She explains that this is what pushed her towards home schooling.

Looking after our living treasures

More and more of South Africa's museums, galleries and even zoos have ditched their dusty personas and become vibrant, interactive institutions that are really worth a visit. The breath of fresh air blowing through these institutions is thanks largely to creative thinking in the world of curatorship.

A growth industry

In the same way that Neil Armstrong's famous moon walk marked the 20th century in history, biotechnology will no doubt leave its signature on the 21st. Broadly speaking, biotechnology is the industrial use of living organisms or biological processes. Examples of biotechnology products are antibiotics and techniques such as those used in waste recycling.

A calling for people with a nose for news

News about the London bombings break at the same time J-Lo's latest tantrum makes world headlines -- welcome to the global village, courtesy of 24-hour media networks. Globalisation and the tools of 21st-century communication have turned journalism into a new animal and present different opportunities for working journalists.

Career boost for educators

It has been long time coming -- but even now that it is here, the real work of implementing career-path mapping and incentive schemes for teachers is only just beginning. The R6,9-billion that was recently allocated for teachers' salaries will be spent over three years. Of this, R2,7-billion will be used to settle backlogs in salary payments.

Press Releases

Request for Quotation for Benguela Current Convention Secretariat

A chartered aircraft for an aerial survey and counting software for cape fur seals and seabirds in Angola, Namibia and South Africa is required

Fifteen additional speakers for SingularityU SA Online Summit 2020

SingularityU hosts global line-up with an extra 15 speakers to address thought-provoking topics to help solve the world's grand challenges

Recycling water and waste management

One solution to South Africa's water shortage is to install infrastructure that will save rainwater from run-off into the stormwater system

Covid-19 and CVD: The heart in the time of crisis

The pandemic has been a time of great humility for health workers and tactics have had to be changed if they weren’t working

POPIA: it’s not as scary as you think

Companies that get proactive about compliance are creating huge strategic advantages for themselves — they are able to reduce operational costs

CUT declared as medium risk

‘Our major challenge at the university is the access to appropriate technology and internet connectivity for our students’

Headline Speakers announced for SingularityU SA Online Summit 2020

SingularityU announces multi-national line up with world-renowned speakers addressing ground-breaking topics to solve the global grand challenges

JSE lists two new global ETFs

'Impact investing has become increasingly topical and for us to provide investors with access to sustainable investment options is a key focus'

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