Something rank about ratings

The logic of governance at these institutions is that of neomedievalism in the war of excellence

University rankings buy into corporate thinking

The logic of governance at these institutions is that of neomedievalism in the war of excellence

Humanities row displays bad ‘form’

Freedom must prevail or the humanities will be at the mercy of political nationalism.

Under new management

<i>Ulrike Kistner</i> considers the ambiguities of transformation in higher education.

The business of academe

Many academics, particularly those in the so-called "struggling disciplines" of "low strategic value", find themselves caught in an interminable restructuring mill that freezes posts, reshuffles teaching and other tasks, and increases workloads from one year to the next.

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Automotive Industry and Covid-19

Many rental fleets are no longer operational and their usually well-maintained cars are entering the market in big numbers

The fourth industrial revolution: It works for UJ

Huge advances in technology make training and the application of medical knowledge better, faster and more widely accessible

PPS Webinar 4: Asset Protection in Times of Uncertainty

The Covid-19 crisis means people are spending more time at home, so they expect different packages from their insurance companies

International Partnerships are key for Africa during Covid-19

Perhaps this pandemic is the jolt that we needed to strengthen intra-country collaboration and revive international friendships

Auditor-General of South Africa seeks request for information

Suitably qualified and experienced vendors are sought to supply tools to assist in the support of financial statement audits

Former bursary student hits a six and lands top job at WPCA

Thuthuka Bursary recipient Tennyson Botes decided to make a difference in his community — and he's doing exactly that

SANRAL to professionalise its finance division with world-class professional accounting designations

'It is about how I can get my staff to acquire more skills and sharpen those skills that they already have,' says SANRAL CFO Inge Mulder

Empowering his people to unleash their potential

'Being registered as an AGA(SA) means you are capable of engineering an idea and turning it into money,' says Raymond Mayekisa

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