Usman Sharifi

Afghan Taliban announces start of ‘spring offensive’

The start of the Afghan Taliban's annual offensive on Friday is expected to precede the bloodiest fighting season in a decade as Nato forces pull out.

Afghanistan elections a ‘huge success’

Exceeding turnout predictions, thousands of Afghans took to the polls to cast their votes for a new president despite Taliban threats.

Afghan voters brave Taliban, weather to cast ballots

Despite cold weather and the Taliban rejecting Afghanistan's election as a foreign plot, voters turned out in large numbers to choose a new president.

Taliban’s Kabul bombing a message to US defence chief Hagel

A suicide bomber on a bicycle has killed nine people outside the defence ministry in Kabul during a visit by new US defence secretary Chuck Hagel.

Doubts begin to cloud Afghan transition

Worrying questions hang over a plan to start switching from Nato to local control in Afghanistan, just weeks before the process is due to start.

Nine Americans dead after row with Afghan airman

An Afghan ex-pilot opened fire after a row at a Kabul training centre on Wednesday, leaving eight US troops and an American contractor dead.

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