Victor Keegan
Guest Author
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/ 12 June 2007

Collecting friends is the new philately

It is curious how the globalisation of people is happening much faster than the globalisation of goods. While trade talks to cut subsidies on products have been immobilised for years, the global expansion of relationships between people via social websites is probably the fastest growth area on the planet.

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/ 19 April 2007

How to be a cellphone media magnate

Rupert Murdoch, watch your step. I am coming to get you. I have just launched my own global TV station from my cellphone and laptop. So far, the total audience at any one moment hasn’t risen above eight, but everyone has to start somewhere now that the creative revolution is offering everyone the opportunity to be a producer as well as a consumer.

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/ 6 April 2007

3D or not 3D — that is the question

The arrival of the three dimensional web — in which participants have their own on-screen avatars — is dismissed by some as a nine month wonder that will fade away once the novelty has worn off. But that hasn’t stopped a fresh surge of development that is taking virtual worlds to wider audiences.

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/ 26 October 2006

The PC is dead, long live the cellphone

Consumer spending is showing signs of faltering in some major economies — but no one has told the cellphone industry, which is now flying without wings. In the quarter ending September sales volume rose by 21% compared with a year ago, with ”smart” phones — which have music, video and other functions — rising by well over 50%.

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/ 19 October 2006

The revolution will be monetised

When two twenty-somethings posted a home-made video on <i>YouTube</i> last week they initially attracted more than 1,3-million views, but they didn’t earn a cent for their efforts. This didn’t matter to them because the two in question, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, owned the company and had just sold it to Google for $1,65-billion.

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/ 24 August 2006

Dump your iPod, the cellphone’s taking over

Well, the war is finally over: and the cellphone has emerged as the winner on two key fronts. For most buyers it will be the device of choice for playing music and taking photographs. I have been trying out some of the latest cellphones and there has been a big increase in the quality and quantity of the tracks they play.