Victoria Coren

How does Gwyneth Paltrow (still) get it right at 40?

Victoria Coren admires Paltrow's efforts not to disappear into anonymity like most actresses her age. But it pains her to say so.

The best wedding guide of all

A new handbook urges vicars to be flexible about breaks from tradition. This offers hope.

Ping! Welcome to a heavenly hubbub

The Gabriel Communicator is a device that uses Bluetooth communication technology to send Bible verses to any cellphones within a 100m radius. Within months, we may all be receiving the scriptures direct to our cellphones, as if they were marketing messages from a service provider.

Bush and the English language

This war business gets no easier to understand... especially while trying to decipher what George 'A Metaphor For Every Occasion' Bush is actually saying...

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