Vijay Prashad

OPINION | Now is the time for a new non-aligned movement and peace

As countries in the Global North push to escalate the war in Ukraine, the Global South has overwhelmingly pushed for a perspective of dialogue and peace

Western-led globalisation might end, but the new globalisation might have an Eastern face

Deglobalisation, which is a retreat from Western-designed globalisation, did not begin during the pandemic or during the Russian war on Ukraine. This process has its origins in the Great Recession of 2007-2009

Understanding the war in Ukraine

The US is more concerned with inflicting pain on the Russians than helping the Ukrainians, according to a Kyiv-based journalist

Ukraine: A conflict soaked in contradictions

There are wars in Africa and Asia and some are rarely commented on in the media, so why is Ukraine different?

France withdraws from Mali, but continues to devastate the Sahel

French troops have now begun to leave Mali, but they are not returning to France. They will be sent to neighbouring Niger

The terrible fate facing the Afghan people

The perilous situation in the country is not the result only of Taliban activities. It is the result of the sanctions imposed on Afghanistan.

Israel’s propaganda cannot erase that it is an apartheid state

Israel is scaling up its information war ahead of a UNHRC session at the end of February that will table a report into last year’s bombing of Gaza

Morocco drives a war in Western Sahara for its phosphates

Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara is about the presence of resources, especially phosphates that make up 72% of the world’s reserves. Phosphate is used in fertiliser, a key element in agriculture, giving Morocco a tight grip over world food production.

Chile is at the dawn of a new political era

A new constitution is being written after a series of student protests rocked Chilean politics. Now, an upcoming presidential election could shift the country towards economic and social change

Rwanda’s military is the French proxy on African soil

Why did Rwanda intervene in Mozambique in July to defend, essentially, two energy companies?

Why the discovery of natural gas in Mozambique has produced tragedy

An insurgency against poverty that has opportunistically taken on the mantle of the Islamic State faces the wrath of African armies. Meanwhile, another tragedy — the criminal theft of billions of dollars from a poor country — is being settled in courtrooms and backrooms

Time is not on our side in Libya

Simmering tensions could see the country partitioned between east and west

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