Vijay Prashad

Chile is at the dawn of a new political era

A new constitution is being written after a series of student protests rocked Chilean politics. Now, an upcoming presidential election could shift the country towards economic and social change

Rwanda’s military is the French proxy on African soil

Why did Rwanda intervene in Mozambique in July to defend, essentially, two energy companies?

Why the discovery of natural gas in Mozambique has produced tragedy

An insurgency against poverty that has opportunistically taken on the mantle of the Islamic State faces the wrath of African armies. Meanwhile, another tragedy — the criminal theft of billions of dollars from a poor country — is being settled in courtrooms and backrooms

Time is not on our side in Libya

Simmering tensions could see the country partitioned between east and west

How China broke the chain of infection

As information about the coronavirus emerged, the Chinese government and Chinese society began to organise an immense campaign against its spread

Seeds of Europe’s ‘migrant crisis’ are in Europe

The continent’s greedy lending to Africa is driving the migration wave that fuels the European Union’s xenophobic politics

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