Vusi Gumede

Restructured SA economy must include a comprehensive social policy

South Africa needs a profound restructuring of state-capital relations, coupled with a comprehensive social policy, to address unemployment, poverty and inequality

Confronting the unemployment conundrum requires government, private sector and unions to work together

Having faith that market forces alone will create full employment under an enabling environment is a pipe dream. A wage subsidy programme is a good place to start tackling joblessness

Long-term solutions needed for South Africa’s higher education

Government must lead, but organised labour and business must play their part in tackling youth unemployment and upskilling the youth, so that the coronavirus crisis can be turned into an opportunity

A new continental free trade agreement is here: But what about the regional economic communities?

The agreement could go beyond economics towards the political unification of Africa

Make the SA economy work for graduates

The country needs an economic policy that takes account of the skill sets we currently have

Another new dawn for South Africa

The country is missing a viable social policy

SA’s social policies must be resurrected

As with economics, the state is rudderless, which requires a return to the ideals of the Constitution and a developmental state

SA’s great expectations are justified

As change seems finally within reach, we must assess the political work that needs to be done

The state does have ways to radically transform SA

But a social compact on the economy is needed for radical economic transformation to gain traction

Oxfam report scratches the surface of global inequality solutions

Report on the divide between rich and poor makes weak suggestions about how to fix it.

Africa’s lessons from the global economic crisis

The continent needs to future-proof itself by crafting a new, inclusive socioeconomic system.

​Government’s economic plans all sound the same. We need a socioeconomic overhaul

In his latest book on economic and social inclusion, Vusi Gumede addresses the question of how to get the country back on track.

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