Wendell Roelf

Farmers cast doubt on Skuifraam dam project

Western Cape environmentalists and farmers are increasingly concerned about the multi-million rand proposal to build the Skuifraam Dam near Franschoek, saying it was a ''looming disaster''.

Fraud costs SA life insurers R3bn a year

Fake ''dead'' people are costing South Africa's life insurance industry R3-billion a year in false claims, Parliament's public service and administration portfolio committee heard on Wednesday.

Marais and Malatsi’s relaxed hearing

After numerous delays, including a nose-bleed and having the charges translated from Afrikaans to English to Ndebele, the NNP's disciplinary hearing against Peter Marais and Peter Malatsi commenced at about 8pm on Monday.

SA’s child prisoners

A 12-year-old was sentenced to six months in prison for reckless and negligent driving, while a 13-year-old got five years for an ''economic offence'', Parliament's justice and constitutional development portfolio committee heard on Tuesday.

Bafokeng cement ties with municipalities

In an agreement that was hailed as a first for the country, President Thabo Mbeki witnessed on Sunday the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Bafokeng nation and two North West municipalities.

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