William Maclean
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/ 22 January 2008

Banks raise alarm over Kenya

The World Bank and African Development Bank, acting over the turmoil in Kenya, said on Tuesday they may have to adjust lending programmes if unrest persists following a disputed poll. ”We wish to continue working with the people of Kenya … but it is difficult to do so effectively in an environment of instability,” they said.

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/ 11 April 2007

Twin bombings in Algiers kill 30

Bombs killed 30 people in Algiers on Wednesday in the first such attacks in Algeria’s capital in years, raising fears of a return to the North African oil exporter’s recent history of political bloodletting. One of the blasts ripped part of the facade off the prime minister’s headquarters at the centre of the port city.

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/ 28 August 2006

Gadaffi scolds Libyans for reliance on oil

Libyan leader Moammar Gadaffi has scolded his nation for over-reliance on oil, foreigners and imports and told it to start manufacturing things people need. The criticisms, in an unusual series of speeches in July and August, have stirred keen interest in a forthcoming annual September 1 address to the nation of five-million.