William Schomberg
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/ 16 April 2008

Nature oasis flourishes in Belgium’s coal belt

Fringed by dark hills of coal waste and long-shuttered collieries, Belgium’s first national park might seem a humble contender for the role of global model for conservation and economic regeneration. The pine woods and heather meadows of the Hoge Kempen Park in north-eastern Belgium sit on a small plateau above criss-crossing motorways and cooling towers.

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/ 24 July 2006

WTO talks slip deeper into crisis

Last ditch talks to keep hopes alive of a global free deal faced a deepening crisis on Monday after trading powers failed to achieve a breakthrough at a marathon first session, diplomats said. The so-called G6 — Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, the European Union and the United States — must reach agreement on how to boost trade in farm and industrial goods.